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My Hobbies

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As I briefly mentioned on my homepage, I am into sports, however I especially like baseball.  I was never very good playing it, but I still love playing, and moreover, watching it.  The Red Sox have been my favorite team "since i was born" and I'm glad they won the World Series last year.  It was already getting to the point where I was just hoping they would win the World Series before I died, which was the wish of most Red Sox fans for the past couple decades.
I also mentioned that I am into XBOX.  I'm not into RPG games, but rather sports games and the occasional first person shooter.  The only problem with this is that new sports games come out every year, so it gets a little costly for a college student without a real job to keep up with the most recent games.
Something that has been a huge part of my life for the past 14 years is soccer.   I have been playing ever since I was a little kid and have traveled to numerous countries including France, Belgium, Scotland, England, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands for a few different teams.  The first two times I went was with a team from Massachusettes representing the New England region of the U.S. in the Coca-Cola Cup.  The third time I went was with my highschool soccer team to Scotland, where we placed second in an semi-amateur tournament.